Our passion for living a green lifestyle has had a direct impact on our approach to growing sustainable hemp. We use bio-dynamic farming practices, such as production of organic compost and bio-fertilisers sourced from products and materials available in our cottage and the surrounding area. We use green manure crops to prepare the soil and ensure optimal growth conditions. As part of our commitment to quality we run bi-weekly soil and water analysis to make sure is nutrient rich and has the adequate pH levels. We strive to apply only tested-and-proven-to-work sustainable farming techniques in order to minimise our negative environmental footprint, while also making sure we are not compromising the quality of our hemp. What’s more, we are proud to be a businesses completely powered by renewable solar energy.

As a transparent company it is very important for us to give our clients full information about the hemp we offer. We monitor closely the THC content of our plants, so that it does not exceed 0.2%. Last but not least, we guarantee that the origin of our seeds is fully traceable – we work with trusted sources of EU-certified quality hemp seeds.

We are soon to receive our BIO certificate (which is something we are definitely looking forward to).